Well, I’ve been urged by my brother to release a post for Valentine’s Day as he has done. His post (link) has multiple gorgeous photographs of an Anna’s Hummingbird displaying the beautiful Valentine’s Day color of red roses. Mine is just a shot of an American Flamingo at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. The color might be more in the carnation family. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day.


4 thoughts on “Here ya’ go, a Flamingo

  1. Me… peer pressure … crazy talk! pretty picture of a Flamingo. Nice and crisp although slightly lighter than I would expect. I know their diet dictates their hue, but admittedly know very little about these rather large birds. I do have a few shots of them from zoos, but the wild ones continue to elude me. Nice theme choice for the special day oh, and was this on1 processed?

    now for a test: You know, you should really buy a pizza for Brian, he looks really hungry.

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    1. Oops, I’m just now replying to your comment! I read it earlier this evening and got hungry from your mention of pizza so that’s what I ate and there’s none left for you, sorry. I don’t know why these Flamingo’s were so lightly colored–probably being fed fake shrimp in the zoo. This was indeed processed in the ON1 Photo Raw software rather than my traditional Adobe Lightroom.

      Thanks for the comment and pizza suggestion!


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